Software Development

Adeline Infotech provides a service solution to help you to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. We build AI-enabled warehouse management applications that help logistics tracking software in better inventory management and improve transparency. Warehouse management software caters to wide-ranging supply chains, and its benefits are numerous too. Our service warehouses or accommodations for your workforce, we offer the most cost-effective packages to support your operations. A warehouse management software caters to tracking, controlling, and processing the stock and movement of products.


Live Inventory Tracking for Smart Warehousing using Bluetooth tracking beacons to streamline and improve coordination among the many moving parts in a warehouse through real-time data insights, We provide RFID tagging systems that accomplish the same feat however, there’s no need for expensive, proprietary handheld readers — any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone will do.

Our Beacon tracking systems include components with access points or mobile scanners in place, warehouse personnel doesn’t need to scan labels or log in to remote terminals or workstations to access or manage inventory information, they can use the system on the move. It allows you to plan and organize the utilization of the available resources. This module keeps track of distinctive units of measures of your dairy products ranging from the milk inventory, finished packet form, selling, purchase, and pricing. It allows you to know and track the location of the product within the warehouse.

Our Solution helps in enhanced inventory visibility provided by a warehouse management system software tracking of inventory becomes way more comfortable, Accelerating and fine-tuning order fulfillment by Distributed Order Management System (DOM) needs to be laid firmly, These are essential for the successful performance of a Warehouse Management System software. Increasing warehouse productivity, Enhanced security, Reduces operating expenses, Help the user to determine their routes when it comes to pick and pack for outbound operations.

Our Software solution helps easily manage store and warehouse management.

Integrating your system with CRM, GDS, and ERM.

Cloud-based scheduling systems.

We provide Software that is kept up to date by auto-update function and you can deploy the software easily by the one-click installer.

The software can easily manage the resources all around and helps to bring better outcomes and reduce unwanted activities.

Our Expertise in Warehouse Software Development Services

ERP Software
POS Development 
Chatbot Development
CRM / Marketing Software
Logistics Management Software
MRP Software
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software 
Barcode Software
Integration System Software
 Audit Inventory Software
Mobile Asset Management Software
Freight Broker Software

Warehouse Industry Technology We Use:

  • Sensors and IoT
  • Intelligent algorithms
  • Web and mobile tools
  • Web Applications & Portals
  • Data Science
  • Blockchain
  • AR/VR
  • AI-based Analytics




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