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Adeline infotech offers powerful Hotel & Restaurant Management system software for small-medium sized hotels and restaurants. Custom software can help you manage your Hotelmore wisely and efficiently. Our hotel and restaurant software is an end-to-end suite that simplifies everyday hotel and restaurant operations. In solution take orders from customers, track your inventory, perform labor management, implement customer loyalty programs, and many more things.

What Can We Do For You?


We develop an automated and coherent view of the system managing kitchen, bar, stores, etc at a sole platform. A system resolves the challenges faced by restaurants by rationalizing store management, accounting functionalities, be it a restaurant or a chain of restaurants.

We make an online booking for the restaurant and Hotel Reservation portal which allows the one touch-based online hotel booking and cancellation service.

Hotel and restaurant accounting software solutions that are either custom-built for you or configured to meet your expectations and needs.

You can easily manage Hotel, service, security, parking, dinner, party management according to your business strategy in the hotel and restaurant system.

Integrating your system with CRM, GDS, and ERM.

Cloud-based scheduling systems.

Customer relationship management.

Software is kept up to date by auto-update function and you can deploy the software easily by one-click installer.

The software can easily manage the resources all around and helps to bring better outcome and reduce unwanted activities.

Our Hotel and Restaurant  custom software service development for competitive Management

Hotel and Restaurant Module

It enables us to manage all the responsibilities of the front office, organize data. By billing software get the quick is very useful in hotels and restaurants.

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Easily manage Hotel and Restaurant, service, security, parking, dinner, party management according to your business strategy.

Booking Web and App Portal

We develop the Online Hotel and Restaurant  Reservation System for Android, iOS, Windows mobile, and web applications.

Our Expertise In Hotel – Restaurant Software Development Services

Payroll Management Software
Point Of Sales (POS) Management Software
Inventory Module
Supply Chain and Food Security 
Online Food Delivery System
Billing Software
Table Booking System
Online Food Ordering Solution




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